This is an archived syllabus from the 2019-2020 School Year. Please access all current information for band via Schoology.


Grades will be updated on a weekly basis. Assignments will be through GoogleClassroom, and in class. Grades will be posted and reflected in PowerSchool.

Playing Quizzes / Practice Logs

Band is an interactive experiential learning environment. Group success is dependent on the continuous musical improvement of every student. Be practiced & prepared for rehearsal every day – make it a part of your routine!

7th/8th ONLY – Playing Quizzes may determine your concert parts or chairs. There will be at least one playing test before each concert.  Playing tests may be retaken in person for a better grade during Advisory, but a retake will not change your part placement or chair.

6th/7th/8th-Practice Logs are designed to help understand the technical aspects of our music, set goals, and develop independent practice habits.

Public Performances / Demonstration of Skills

All of our concerts play an important part in each individual student’s musical development. Additionally, every band member’s success is interdependent on one another. We work very hard to avoid school conflicts when planning the concert schedule. It would be appreciated if parents could help students resolve any outside conflicts that might occur by sharing the concert dates with non-school activities. Band concerts are graded as tests and are worth 100 points.

Excused Absence: If a conflict absolutely cannot be resolved and you must miss a concert, notification must be received in writing at least three weeks before the concert.  If your director excuses the absence, you must schedule a time to perform the entire concert for the director, watch the concert, and write a review in order to make up the concert grade.  Students have two weeks from the date of the concert to schedule and make up the grade. 

Unexcused Absence: If the absence is not excused, or the student does not come to the performance, the student may not make up the grade. Missing the concert without notification will result in a zero for the concert and cannot be made up.  

Emergency Absence: It is understood that emergencies and illnesses will occur.  In these cases, a parent phone call or email will be necessary for consideration of an excused absence.  If the absence is excused, the student will have two weeks to complete a makeup assignment.

Rehearsal Skills / Participation

Materials Checks – Each student in all grades will have the opportunity to receive 5 points for being prepared for class. Materials checks are not always announced in advance. 5 points are for being in their seat on time at the bell prepared to learn, and having their instrument, music, pencil, and a planner out and ready. Note: Tappan will only be using school provided planners for hall passes and they must be brought daily to all classes, including electives.

Daily Participation

Every student will receive 20 points at the beginning of each week.  Points will be deducted as follows:

Forgotten Instrument: 5     Missing Music: 3 Missing Pencil:  1 

Talking, Inappropriate Behavior, Posture or Effort: Deductions will be determined by director based on persistence/severity.

Class Materials: We expect all students every rehearsal to be In Class, On Time, Every Day, with Materials, Engaged in Learning.

  • ½” or 1” Binder (preferably black) just for band or folder (given to students by the school).
  • Pencil
  • School-issued planner
  • Instrument
  • Music / Method Book
      • Each student will be given their part for each piece at the beginning of the concert cycle. It is your responsibility to keep track of all the music and have it at each rehearsal. You will also receive a band method book that you must return at the end of the year in good condition.  If you lose this book or do not return it at the end of the year, you will be charged the replacement cost. 
  • Tuner & Metronome
    • Every student should have a tuner and metronome at home for use during practice. If you do not wish to purchase a physical tuner/metronome, we suggest downloading the following apps: Instune, TonalEnergy Tuner, Tempo by Frozen Ape. Google also has a free metronome available for no download.

Concert Uniforms*

Top:  Plain white dress shirt (must have sleeves, no tank tops).

Bottom: Solid black dress slacks/skirt (no jeans/leggings. Skirts must comfortably cover knees when seated), black socks/nylons/tights (legs must be covered), black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or boots)

*The school does not provide band uniforms. Let us know if you need financial assistance obtaining uniform items or t-shirts. The first time you will need the uniform is for the December concert. 

 In School Events, Spring Concert, and Picnic Pops: Tappan Band T-Shirt! T-Shirt orders will happen before our Winter band concert.

Instrument Rental

Tappan Rental Instruments: Tappan does own a collection of instruments that we are able to give out based on availability and instrument type. Families with any financial need or students receiving free or reduced lunch will be given an instrument to rent through Tappan at no cost.

Specialty Instruments: We are able to provide tubas, euphoniums, french horns, oboes, bassoons, bass clarinets, bari/tenor sax for students. However, if you are able to rent an instrument, we encourage you to do so.

Instrument Guarantee: If you are renting through Tappan, you are responsible for all materials loaned to you and covering the cost of any damages that may occur. You will be asked to sign a Guarantee Form which will be used to assess damage at the end of the year. 

Renting through an outside store: We have information in the Tappan Band room regarding stores through which you can rent an instrument. Please contact Ms. Stout or Mr. Beery for further information.

Buying an Instrument: Purchasing an instrument is a big investment. Please ask a director for advice and assistance if you wish to purchase an instrument.

Private Lessons 

Private lessons are very worthwhile for any student at any level of progress or ability.  They serve to supplement and enhance the learning your student is already engaged in. One-on-one attention is an ideal form of instruction that can increase your child’s confidence on their instrument and make it more fun. We highly encourage all students take private lessons. Small group lesson options are available in addition to traditional private lessons.  We can provide you with some names of teachers in the area.

MSBOA All State and Solo & Ensemble (7th & 8th Grade Only)

Through the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA), 7th & 8th grade students can choose to participate in two events throughout the year.

All State audition excerpts and forms will be distributed the first week of school. Auditions will be held at Saline High School on October 26-27th. If you are accepted, all fees and documents must be received by MSBOA no later than December 2nd. All State performances are at the Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids January 16th-18th.

Solo & Ensemble is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all 7th and 8th grade students. You may sign up in October to perform a solo work and/or to perform with others in a small ensemble (i.e. a duet, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, or septet.) to receive a rating and feedback. There is a fee for participation in this event. The exact amount will be known in October.  S&E will be held at Livonia Franklin High School on February 9th.

Band Extras

Practice Club is an every other week after school opportunity to get extra help, extra challenge, get your practice time in, or play with friends. Practice club will begin in October and will run up until our Spring concert. Other private or small group lesson opportunities may be available during practice club as well.  Day of the week TBD and will run from 3:15-4:30pm. Late buses will be available.

Summer Music AAPS offers a summer music curriculum that meets M-Th for about an hour for the month of July. This is a great way to meet other band students around the district and keep up your playing skills over the summer. Jazz Band opportunities are available for bass players and Intermediate & Advanced Bands are available for all instruments.

AAPS Music Scholarships: Each year AAPS offers scholarships for students wanting to attend summer music programs. Scholarships are audition based and held in February.

8th Grade Advisory Jazz Band: 7th Grade students who play a band instrument, bass, drums, or piano may audition for jazz band in the spring of their 7th grade year. 

High School Auditions: High School Band is a rich and supportive musical experience. Students interested in auditioning should prepare for auditions in April. More information coming soon.

Classroom Rules & Expectations:

  • Be on Time
  • Prepared
  • With Materials
  • Engaged In Learning
  • Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe

Parent Communication

Parent communication will most often be via email. Please make sure your email is correctly listed in PowerSchool. Important documents, assignments, and updates will also be available on the band website (

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Ms. Lauren Stout:

Mr. Craig Beery: 

(734) 994-2011 ext. 35419 

This and other information is available on the band website: