Jazz Band

About 8th Grade Jazz Band

8th Grade Jazz Band is a year-long advanced performance class. It meets during Advisory, making it a class of short duration. In Jazz Band, students will create, listen, play, and describe various jazz styles. Improvisation will be taught using chord study on all instruments. Participation in our concert groups along with at least a year of prior music training on an instrument is required. Auditions for jazz band are held in March of 7th grade. Jazz Band performs in multiple concerts through out the year, including the 8th grade winter concert, spring band concert, and other in-school and out of school performances.


To see a current list of Jazz Band events, please click here to access the Tappan Band Calendar.

Tappan 8th Grade Jazz Band meets Wynton Marsalis November 28th, 2018 at Hill Auditorium. Photo credit to UMS.
Tappan 8th Grade jazz band rehearses December 2021