Percussion Equipment

Please contact Ms. Stout at if you have questions regarding percussion equipment.

STICKS AND MALLETS (the following equipment is required for 6th-8th grade unless otherwise noted, the brands are recommendations only.)

  • Stick bag: Store brand Zippered stick bag usually made of black cordura nylon. 
  • Snare drum sticks: Vic Firth SD-1.
  • Timpani mallets (8th grade only): Vic Firth GEN6 Persimmon or Vic Firth T-3 Maple.
  • Cymbal/Marimba mallets: Encore TM2 Yarn covered rattan handle mallets. 
  • Xylophone/Bell mallets: Encore 200R multi-purpose for woodblock and other instruments or Malletech OR42R
    •  Name Tag (provided by Tappan if needed). Absolutely required on your stick bag–they all look alike! 
    • Practice Pad: Remo 8” prac. pad is usually included with the bell kit. If not, you will need one.
    • Pitch Pipe: For tuning timpani (7th and 8th grade only)

INSTRUMENTS (the following instruments are required for 6th-8th grade unless otherwise noted, the brands are recommendations)

  • Bell Kit Pearl PK900, Practice keyboard (PL900C has snare drum), stand, case, (these models advised Pearl PL900C, and drum practice pad. Ships with toy sticks not suitable for purchasing new) or Vic Firth V8705 class. 
  • Please note that percussion kits are for at home practice only and do not travel to/from school. If there is a financial need, you may speak to Ms. Stout about renting a percussion kit from Tappan.

OPTIONAL – for the advanced percussionist (recommended 8th grade only)

  • Drumset sticks: Vic Firth SD-4 All-maple stick sized for drumset playing
  • Brushes (wire strand): VIC-WB These have telescoping handles and steel bristles. 
  • Vibraphone mallets: Malletech DF-16 Vibe sticks are cord-wound and harder than marimba sticks. 
  • Marching Snare stick: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Hardimon (white) Snare Drum or Drumset. Consult with private teacher for advice on purchasing a drum or drumset.


ALL Sticks/mallets must be labeled with the student’s last name. Write small, with a good permanent marker near the HEAD of each stick, where it will not rub off from hand contact. Cover with clear nail polish or package tape if rub-off is a problem.