Incoming 6th Grade

Director Contact Information

Ms. Lauren Stout, Band Director

Mr. Craig Beery, Co-Band Director and Fifth Grade Instrumental

(734) 994-2011 ext. 35419

6th Grade A/B Music Scheduling

On your schedule, you will see two classes listed for one of your elective hours. This means you will be rotating music with another class during that elective hour.  On the first day of school, we will meet in the gym during your rotating elective hour and you will be assigned to your A Day class and your B Day class. Below is an example schedule: 

Monday  (A)Tuesday  (B)Wednesday (A or B)Thursday (A)Friday  (B)
BandPEBand or PEBand PE

A Day classes meet on MONDAY & THURSDAY. B Day classes meet on TUESDAY & FRIDAY. Wednesday is either an A or B day depending on the week. You will be able to find the A/B schedule on PowerSchool, in the music classrooms, and on the music websites. 

Preparing for 6th Grade Instrumental Music

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are set for your instrumental music class:

  1. Rent your instrument through a local vendor. You can also purchase instruments through music stores, craigslist, facebook marketplace, etc. Ask a Tappan director for help if needed!
  2. Check Band & Orchestra supply lists to ensure you have the necessary supplies.
  3. Brush up on your note reading at or use flashcards. 
  4. Play your instrument before the start of school!


Obtaining a new instrument

Purchasing a new instrument is an investment, therefore we recommend that you do not purchase an instrument without play testing it in person first. Please ask a director or a private teacher for a list of reputable retailers if you would like assistance in purchasing an instrument.

Rent to Own: Instrument Program

The music stores below offer a rent-to-own plan. An advantage to renting includes investing over time for the purchase of a higher quality instrument, or a trade-in if your student changes instruments. Finding out the conditions of the rental agreements will help you comparison shop: what is the quality of the instrument; how much of the rental fee goes toward the purchase of an instrument; what is their repair and insurance policy; and what materials and equipment are included in the rental (please see needed materials). 

If you order anything through Meridian Winds or Hewitt’s Music, their reps visit Tappan every week.  If you call to place an order, it can be delivered to Tappan for pick up during the school day. If you ever need to send your instrument in for a repair, you will need to leave it in the Band Room with a director by Tuesday morning.

Instrument Music Dealers that deliver to Tappan:

Meridian Winds 

(517) 339-7333

2807 Jolly Rd Suite 300, Okemos, MI 48864

Hewitt’s Music 

(248) 957-9090

23330 Farmington Rd, Farmington, MI 48336

Shar Music, a string instrument company, also delivers to Tappan primarily for orchestra.

Buying a Used Instrument

There are fundamental quality specifications on an instrument that should be checked over by a professional before the purchase of any instrument.

1. Learn the price of a new student instrument before you shop for used.

2. Buying used from a music store is practical if they offer a warranty.

3. Always play test an instrument in person before purchase.

4. If you buy from a private party or friend, consider borrowing the instrument or leaving a deposit, then bring it to a specialist to be inspected.

Using an AAPS-Owned Band Instrument

At Tappan’s registration, all students and parents will have the opportunity to meet with Ms. Stout to discuss instruments and begin paperwork if necessary. Families who are unable to provide an instrument will be given an instrument to use from Tappan at no cost. We are also able to provide specialty instruments such as tubas, euphoniums, french horns, oboes, piccolos, bassoons, bass clarinets, and bari/tenor saxes for students at no cost. However, if you are able to rent the above instruments, we encourage you to do so. If you are renting through Tappan, you are responsible for all materials loaned to you and covering the cost of any damages that may occur. You will be asked to sign a Guarantee Form which will be used to assess damage at the end of the year. No student is denied the opportunity to participate in music at Tappan.

Switch Instruments by Teacher Permission Only

Certain Instruments are not offered to 5th graders due to size, difficulty, etc., but will greatly enhance the middle school band sound. Early in the 6th grade year, students may have the opportunity to progress naturally to related instruments. For example, baritone to tuba, alto to tenor sax, clarinet to bass clarinet, etc. These changes are within an instrument family and can be successful and natural with an appropriate plan. Changes across instrument families are very challenging and will need the help of a private tutor, or taking the AAPS Summer Music beginning instrument class. We do not generally recommend switches across instrument families.

PERCUSSION: If your student is a percussionist, please click here for information about percussion equipment and expectations.

Private Lessons 

Private lessons are very worthwhile for any student at any level of progress or ability.  They serve to supplement and enhance the learning your student is already engaged in. One-on-one attention is an ideal form of instruction that can increase your child’s confidence on their instrument and make it more fun. We highly encourage all students to take private lessons. Small group lesson options are available in addition to traditional private lessons.  Directors can provide you with some names of teachers in the area.

Tappan Information Day

Please be on the lookout for communication from Tappan Principals about Information Day. This usually happens two weeks before school starts. Visit us for information or instrument questions!