6th Grade

About 6th Grade Band

6th Grade Concert Band is an all-year performance class with several required performances outside of the school day. Performances included, but not limited to: Tappan Concerts. Emphasis will be on musical skills through the study of scales and a variety of musical literature of varying styles and levels of difficulty. Students will learn to to rehearse and perform individually and within a large ensemble. Home practice is essential prior to daily rehearsals. Practice logs will be assigned each quarter.


To see a current list of 6th Grade Band events, please click here to access the Tappan Band Calendar.

Incoming 6th Grade Information: For current fifth grade parents

Please click here for incoming 6th grade information.

6th Grade A/B Music Schedule

On your schedule, 6th grade musicians will see two classes listed for one of your elective hours. This means you will be rotating music with another class during that elective hour. This elective rotation is year-long. Below is an example schedule:

Monday  (A) Tuesday  (B) Wednesday (A or B) Thursday (A) Friday  (B)
Band PE Band or PE Band PE

A Day classes meet on MONDAY & THURSDAY. B Day classes meet on TUESDAY & FRIDAY. Wednesday is either an A or B day depending on the week. You will be able to find the A/B schedule on PowerSchool, in the music classrooms, other 6th grade classrooms, and on the music websites.

Preparing for 6th Grade Instrumental Music

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are set for your instrumental music class:

  1. Rent your instrument through a local vendor or through Tappan (talk to your music teacher).
  2. Check Band & Orchestra supply lists to ensure you have the necessary supplies.
  3. Brush up on your note reading at musictheory.net or use flashcards.
  4. Play your instrument before the start of school!


Students are required to practice outside of band a minimum 100 minutes per week.