Practice Logs have begun!


Good afternoon Tappan Band families,

We are beginning our at-home practicing assignment, practice logs, this week. This assignment will be due the first day of band each week, with the exception of weeks following breaks, and is a portion of each student’s band grade. Our first log is due next Monday September 18th for A classes, and Tuesday September 19th for B classes.

Why practice logs? Practice logs are designed to help students understand the technical aspects of music, set goals, develop independent practice habits, and develop personal responsibility for their own success.

Procedure: Students, you will take a practice log from the band room and fill it out throughout the week, tracking your practice time outside of class and also a weekly goal you set for yourself. The expectation for all band and orchestra students is the same; to practice 100 minutes per week, spread out over at least 3 days outside of class. Our recommendation is 20 minutes a day, 5 day a week, but students can adjust as needed for their own schedules. Students, you are always welcomed and encouraged to practice more! 

Note: We know some students are still working on getting instruments/getting large instruments home. If you do not have an instrument at home for this week, please practice note reading or other exercises on our Schoology page.

Grading: In order to be accepted for a grade, logs need a parent/guardian signature. Practice logs are available on paper in the band room and electronically on Schoology. Logs can be submitted electronically through Schoology or turned into the band room. Emailed practice logs will not be accepted. Logs are only accepted the week that they are due.

The grading system for practice logs is as follows:

4 points =  > 100 minutes per week spread across 3 days or more (Got It)

3 points  =  > 80 minutes spread over 3 days or more (Almost There)

2 points =  > 60 minutes spread over less than 3 days (Moving in the Right Direction)

1 points =  > 30 minutes (Just Getting Started)

0 points  = < 30 minutes

Emergencies/Excused Logs: If there is an emergency, such as illness, students should communicate with Ms. Stout to get an excused log. If a student is unable to practice at home to fulfill their practice requirements, please communicate with Ms. Stout. Advisory/lunch time is available for practicing by appointment. 

We hope you will enjoy listening to your students create music at home! Please let us know if you have any questions, and have a wonderful week,

Lauren Stout (she/her/hers)

Director of Bands, Performing Arts Department Chair, Music Technology

Tappan Middle School │ │

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