Hybrid Band Update


Good afternoon Tappan band families,

We are so excited to have in-person rehearsal beginning on Monday! This email contains important information we have regarding band and hybrid instruction. 

What students need to bring to school:

  • Charged Chromebook and charging cord 
  • Woodwind/Brass Instruments (case should be labeled with a name tag that lists student’s first and last name and grade). If you forget your instrument at home, you won’t be able to play in class. Students are expected to carry instruments to/from school and to/from classes, with the exception of tubas (school tubas will be provided). The instrument storage room, band room, and lockers will not be available for storing instruments. Please note that all instruments can be taken on the bus this year.
  • Percussion: Drum sticks and mallets labeled with first/last name or initials. Do not bring your percussion kit to school.
  • Planners (these were distributed to students in September)
  • Water bottle, mask, backpack/bag for storing items

We will provide the following items on your first day of in-person band:

  • Specialty instrument masks for woodwind and brass players and a paper bag in which to transport them.
  • Bell covers for clarinets, saxophones, double reed, and brass instruments
  • Once we pass out these items, students will be responsible for keeping them in their cases/backpack and for cleaning their masks at home. Students will be responsible for bringing these items to/from school and will not be allowed to play their instruments at school without them.

Information for next week:

  • Seating charts for band class, a photo of the band room set up, and schedule with exact times for band are available on your student’s Schoology page
  • We will begin playing the first day back, so students need to have instruments with them at school next week

Zoom tips for hybrid band:

  • Unmute to ask any questions (teachers will not be able to constantly check the chat when there are also students at Tappan)
  • Follow along with rehearsal and stay on mute while you are playing your instrument
  • If you have trouble hearing the teacher or miss a direction, please make sure to unmute and ask for help! 

What day to bring your instrument to school:

Ms. Stout will send specific instructions via Schoology message to each class with specific details. All students can access the times of their hybrid band classes on Schoology. Here is a general overview of who needs to bring instruments on which days:

  • Mondays: Students in Cohort A who are in Jazz Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band, 6th Grade Block 3A, 6th Grade Block 3B
  • Tuesdays: Students in Cohort A who are in Jazz Band, 6th Grade Block 6A, 6th Grade Block 6B
  • Thursdays: Students in Cohort B who are in Jazz Band, 8th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band, 6th Grade Block 3A, 6th Grade Block 3B
  • Fridays: Students in Cohort B who are in Jazz Band, 6th Grade Block 6A, 6th Grade Block 6B

If you have any questions about next week, please email Ms. Stout at stoutl@aaps.k12.mi.us

Looking forward to our first rehearsals!

-Ms. Stout

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