2021-22 Instrument Cleaning & School Instrument Return


We are beginning our end of the year instrument and equipment cleaning and check in procedures. Please read closely for important dates and information.

Turning In Tappan owned instruments

  • Students must fill out this google form with an adult at home. This form is due when you turn in your Tappan instrument.
  • The cleaning checklist can be found in the instrument cleaning assignment in Schoology. 
  • Due to construction, we do not have access to our normal cleaning station. If school instruments can be cleaned at home that is preferable. At-school instruments can also be cleaned at school during advisory by appointment only with Ms. Stout.
  • Make sure you are returning every piece of equipment received at the beginning of the year. 
  • Tappan Instruments must be cleaned and turned in to school by Monday May 23, 2022 for 6th and 7th graders and Wednesday May 25 for 8th graders.

Renting a Tappan Instrument Over the Summer

  • If your student would like to use an AAPS instrument over the summer, you will need to register to rent the instrument through the AAPS Summer Music Program (go to https://www.a2schools.org/domain/2218 ​and scroll down to the bottom to register). Current eighth graders must contact their high school directors before the end of the school year regarding instrument rentals for summer.
  • Send Ms. Stout the receipt as proof of payment via email (scholarships are available)
  • These instruments will be available for pick up by Wednesday, June 8th

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Stout at stoutl@aaps.k12.mi.us.

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