Bands in Review Saturday March 16th (8th Grade Band)

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Click here: Bands in Review Permission Slip 2019.pdf for the permission slip (due Friday, March 15th). Students received a hard copy of this permission slip today. Permission slips can be emailed to Ms. Stout or turned in by students.


As a reminder, Bands in Review is the one concert each year that requires tickets. Performers will not need a ticket but parents, siblings and other guests will. We ask that you buy tickets if you can and sell some to friends, teachers, or neighbors.  Funds from tickets that Tappan students sell comes right back to support the Tappan Bands! Students have received tickets and information as of last week. The informational letter regarding tickets is attached below:

Ticket Information 


6:00pm: Students will need to arrive at the Pioneer flagpole entrance in concert dress (white dress shirts, black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks). We will head to the cafeteria (just like at Festival) to take attendance, unpack, and discuss the performance.

6:40pm: Warm up and tune in Orchestra Room

7:05pm: Move to stage for performance. When we are finished performing, we will sit in the audience at watch the Pioneer bands perform. We are expecting that all students will stay for the duration of the performance, but please let Ms. Stout know if you have a conflict and need to leave after Tappan’s performance.

8:30pm (approximately): Concert ends, students dismissed


Concert Dress: White dress shirts, black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks. Ties/bowties are OK for this performance.

Instrument & Supplies:

  • Students need to remember to take instruments home on Friday after seventh hour. PLEASE DON’T FORGET–no one has a key to the instrument storage room besides instrumental music teachers. The instrument storage room will be unlocked until 3:45 on Friday. Directors are working HS State Solo and Ensemble Festival in Chelsea on Saturday and will not be able to go back to Tappan to unlock anything for you.
  • Large instrument people need to make arrangements to get instruments to Pioneer for Saturday night.
  • Percussion is responsible for bringing all sticks/mallets they need to play. Ms. Stout will transport handheld percussion, bass drum and chime mallets, as well as tuba stands.

Music: Old Scottish Melody and Toy Box Fantasy. 

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