Band Festival Saturday March 2nd

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We are so excited for Band Festival tomorrow, Saturday March 2nd, at Pioneer High School! Students will need to arrive in uniform at 8:40am at the flagpole entrance of Pioneer where we will meet, take attendance, and head to our homeroom area (Cafeteria). In the cafeteria, we will count and sing through our music before heading to the warm up space where we will warm up, tune, and get ready to perform. At 9:50am, we will perform our three pieces on stage, followed by a sight reading session. 

What students are responsible for:

1. Arriving in uniform (white dress shirts, black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks)

2. Instrument and supplies (at least three good reeds for woodwinds, valve oil/slide grease for brass, all sticks/mallets needed for percussion)

3. BAND FOLDERS! Bringing all the music needed to perform (Kentucky Pride, Old Scottish Melody, Encanto)

4. In addition: Students with large instruments (euphoniums, horns, tubas, bass clarinet, bari sax, bassoon, etc) are responsible for transporting their instrument to/from Festival. There will not be instruments available to use at the site, except percussion. 

Students will be dismissed after we return to the cafeteria from the sight reading session (approximately around 11-11:15). Students are encouraged to stay and see our rating, usually posted shortly after sight reading is complete. If students are staying to watch other ensembles, they must be accompanied by an adult. Otherwise, students need to arrange to have rides present to take them home at the time of our dismissal.

Attached, you will find a map of Pioneer, a program for the full day, and a list of home rooms by ensembles:

District 12 B&O Festival 2019Ann Arbor Pioneer HS (day)_Program.pdf HomeRooms.pdf MapOfPioneer.pdf 

Also, here is the itinerary previously sent home for your convenience: 


Have a great day and we’ll see everyone tomorrow morning at 8:40,

Ms. Stout

Lauren Stout

Tappan Middle School Band Director

2251 E Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: 734-994-2011 EXT. 35419

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