Solo and Ensemble is this Saturday, 2/8/2020!

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Middle School Solo and Ensemble is: Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Livonia Franklin High School, 31000 Joy Road, Livonia, MI 48150-3916

Click here to download information on Solo and Ensemble Festival.


1. If your music has a published piano accompaniment, it must be played in order to receive a rating.

2. Every performance must have an original score with all the parts on it to receive a rating. 

3. The original score that you give the judge must have each measure numbered in pencil.

4. All Solos and Ensembles must meet a minimum time requirement to receive a rating: MIDDLE SCHOOL: MINIMUM OF 90 Seconds (Time your piece soon; you may not add D.S.-D.C.’s or repeats that are not originally a part of the music; however you are allowed to have two different pieces.)

5. The festival does not provide any instruments (except a piano). You must bring your own percussion equipment, bass, tuba, euphonium, cello, etc.

6. Ms. Stout and Mr. Beery may not be available to help you during the day at Festival. We are assigned specific jobs the entire day and you may not be able to find us. However, any band director or high school worker can help you solve your problem, so if an issue arises, please ask the closest worker for help.

Practice Club tomorrow, 2/4, is specifically meant for students participating in Solo and Ensemble to get some extra rehearsal time. This would be an excellent opportunity for ensembles to get time to run through their pieces. We strongly recommend large ensembles take advantage of this time, especially ensembles who have not had many opportunities to rehearse together. Soloists and small ensembles are also welcome to take advantage of this time.

Please download the above document for more information and read carefully. If you still have questions after reading the document and this notice, please contact Ms. Stout at with more questions. 

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