High School Band Audition Music Released for 8th Graders!

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High School audition music has been released. All high school audition music and materials can be found online by following the instructions below:

Go to: http://aapsauditions.weebly.com/

Password is a2audition2019

Once you access the website, click “Bands” on the top menu and select either Varsity or Concert/Symphony. Please read “General Band Audition Requirements” first as this will answer your questions regarding auditions. Included in the requirements is also the information for band camp for Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline. If you have any questions about the leveled bands (i.e. Varsity, Concert White/Gold, Concert Green/Purple, Symphony) please look at the high school bands website linked below. We will also have visits from the high school directors in class along with an overview of the process by Ms. Stout and Mr. Beery for students.

If you are unable to print the audition materials or music at home, please contact Ms. Stout to receive a hard copy of the audition materials. 

Auditions for Huron and Pioneer bands will be held at Tappan on scheduled dates during second hour with the high school directors, in late March or early April. Auditions for Skyline and Community will be done at those respective high schools and need to be coordinated through the directors of those ensembles. Auditions for Huron, Skyline, and Pioneer jazz bands will take place later in the school year. All students interested in high school band will need to audition for their future director. Some students will have two auditions, if look at duel-enrolling with Community.

In the next several weeks, students will be asked to fill out a short survey in the band room about high school band. We will be asking them which high school they plan on attending and which band they plan on auditioning for, so we can give the high school directors an idea of how many students they will be hearing audition at Tappan.

High school director contact information and school band websites can be found below. Please contact Ms. Stout first if you have questions regarding the audition process, with the exception of Community Jazz questions. Any questions about Community High Jazz auditions should go directly to Jack Wagner.

Mr. David Leach:

Band Directors, Pioneer High School



Mr. Robert Ash:

Band Directors, Huron High School



Mr. Jason Smith:

Band Director, Skyline High School



Mr. Jack Wagner:

Jazz Band Director, Community High School



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