Solo and Ensemble 2020 THIS Saturday, 2/8 at Livonia Franklin High School!

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Please read this carefully for information regarding Saturday’s Solo & Ensemble Festival. See attached “S&E Day Information Letter” for more detailed information. Students will be given a hard copy in class.

MSBOA Solo & Ensemble is this Saturday, February 8th at Livonia Franklin High School(Livonia Franklin High School 31000 Joy Road, Livonia, MI 48150-3916).

Please be sure to coordinate arrival times with your accompanist and ensemble members (if applicable). The parking lot at Livonia Franklin HS tends to get very crowded, so please plan to arrive at least an hour and a half before your performance time. 

When you arrive at Livonia Franklin HS, there will be high school students to help guide you to your student’s warm up room locations. You can also locate anyone wearing a badge to help you (Note: Tappan directors are working in performance rooms and may not be able to assist you!). If your student is participating in multiple events, please be sure you have all of the times and section numbers recorded somewhere so you can quickly make your way to the next location. Your section number is the location of your performance room. Your warm up room will be located near your performance room.

If you have requested a time change and you have not heard back from your student’s director,then the time is the same as originally scheduled. 

Checklist (MUST HAVES)

  1. Instrument: Take your instrument home after school on Friday! The storage room will be locked over the weekend. On Saturday, don’t forget the following: instrument, anything you need to perform, music, original score for the judge
  2. Music: You MUST have an original score with every measure numbered for the judge in order to receive a rating! No original score, no rating, no exceptions! If you need copies made, see your director before Friday. Make sure you make sure that your accompanist has the music as well. If you borrow an original score from the Tappan music library, please return it in the appropriate turn in bin in the orchestra room on Monday. If you lose this music, we will ask you to replace it. 
  3. Schedule: Know where you are supposed to be and when you are supposed to be there. Please review the attached schedule for your performance time(s). If you need clarification on times and section numbers, please email.
  4. Dress to impress! This is a formal event. No jeans, no sneakers. If you’re unsure of what to wear, pull out what you wore for the winter concert. You may wear colorful tops/dresses, as long as they are concert appropriate and professional.


  1. If the music has a published piano accompaniment, it must be played to get a rating.
  2. Every group or soloist must have an original score with all the parts on it to receive a rating. 
  3. The original score that you give the judge must have each measure numbered in pencil.
  4. All Solos and Ensembles must meet a minimum time requirement to receive a rating. MINIMUM OF 90 Seconds.
  5. The festival does not provide any instruments (except a piano). 

Please email if you have any questions.

GOOD LUCK! We’ll see you Saturday!

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