Bands in Review: Saturday March 14th

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Bands In Review is Saturday, March 14th, 2020! Tappan performs at 5:40pm, concert begins at 5:30pm

Please read closely-this email contains lots of very important information!

Please sell tickets: Money & unsold tickets due by Wednesday, March 18th

Bands in Review is a musical celebration for all 8th grade and high school bands district-wide. It’s a fabulous night celebrating music where students get to hear one another perform. Bands in Review is the one concert each year that requires tickets and is our only annual fundraiser for the Tappan Bands. Performers will not need a ticket but parents, siblings and other guests will. Funds from tickets that Tappan students sell comes right back to support the Tappan Bands! 

Tickets will be distributed in band tomorrow, Tuesday March 3rd.


  • Tickets will be in an envelope labeled with the student’s name
  • Money and unsold tickets should be returned sealed in the envelope by Wednesday, March 18th.
  • Each student is asked to sell 2 individual tickets ($5) and one family ticket* ($10).  
  • One family ticket admits the immediate family members living in one household*.
  • The total value of the tickets in your envelope is $20. 
  • Students are responsible for returning a combination of money &/or unsold tickets equaling at least $20. 
  • Donations are also welcome. Just include them in your envelope with a note.
  • You may request additional tickets from Ms. Stout.
  • Tickets may be sold/used for the two performances on Saturday March 14 OR for the Tuesday March 17 performance at Huron. Each concert requires a separate ticket.

We want everyone to attend Bands In Review! If purchasing tickets is an obstacle for someone in your family attending the concert, please let a director know. Tickets will also be available at the door, however the money raised at the door is used to cover general expenses, and will not go directly to Tappan. We encourage you to purchase your tickets from a Tappan student!


There are two Bands in Review concerts at Pioneer on Saturday, March 14th. Tappan is performing in the first concert, which begins at 5:30pm and is estimated to end at 6:30pm.

TRANSPORTATION: Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from Pioneer High School (601 W. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI). 

DRESS: Normal concert attire; white dress shirts, black dress pants, full length black socks with nice dress shoes. Professional dress is expected for this performance as always (no tennis shoes, athletic pants, jeans, etc). Students will need to stay in uniform from the time they arrive until they leave. No ties/bowties or other accessories.

FOOD: Students should eat prior to their arrival. Students will not have a break until they are dismissed. 


4:40pm: Arrive at flagpole entrance (same place as Band Festival)

4:50pm: Head to homeroom (cafeteria) to unpack

5:10pm: Warm up in the Pioneer Orchestra room

5:35pm: Move to the stage, set up for performance

5:40pm: Tappan Band performs

5:50pm-6:30pm: Tappan Band sits in the audience to watch the remainder of the concert. Students are not dismissed until the Skyline Bands have finished performing.

6:30pm: Students head to cafeteria, pack up, meet parents, and are dismissed

Following the 6:30pm dismissal, there will be a performance by Community High School Jazz in the hallway outside of the auditorium. We strongly encourage all students who are attending Pioneer in the fall to stay and watch the second concert so they can watch the Pioneer Bands perform. Please note, if your students attend the second concert, they must be accompanied by an adult, as Tappan directors will be backstage assisting on stage during this time. If your student is attending Huron next year, they are hosting a Bands in Review on Tuesday March 17th at 7pm at Huron. Students will be awarded extra credit if they stay to watch Pioneer or attend the Huron Bands in Review.


Concert 1: 5:30pm-6:30pm



Skyline Varsity Band

Skyline Concert Band

Skyline Symphony Band

Intermission by CHS Jazz Ensemble

Concert 2: 7:00pm-8:30pm

Ann Arbor Open


Pioneer Varsity Band

Pioneer Concert Band White

Pioneer Concert Band Purple

Pioneer Symphony Band


6:00-7:00pm: Community HS Jazz performs in lobby

7:00-8:30pm Concert




Huron Varsity Band

Huron Concert Band Gold

Huron Concert Band Green

Huron Symphony Band

All of the above information will be distributed to students tomorrow. Thank you for your support of the Tappan Bands!

-Ms. Stout

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