Tappan Music Department Hybrid Learning Update


Dear Tappan Music families,

With information being sent out regarding return to in-person instructions, we wanted to clarify some points regarding Tappan music as it relates to hybrid instruction.

Safety and CDC Guidelines

  1. In all music teaching spaces, the district is following the CDC guidelines for social distancing
  2. Students will be physically distanced according to CDC guidelines facing forward as in all other classes
  3. All students and staff will be masked and specialized PPE will be provided, ie., specialized choral masks, specialized slitted masks for band students, bell covers for all wind instruments, etc. 
  4. Facilities have been conducting thorough studies from an external professional company regarding ventilation recommendations
  5. School cellos & basses CAN be shared between cohorts according to district guidelines, if sanitized, however our first effort will be to have one student per cello and bass when hybrid student numbers/instrumentation has been determined. More information upcoming.
  6. Instrument storage during the school day will be clarified after hybrid student numbers are determined

Student Instruments

Due to covid safety guidelines, students will be expected to bring their own instruments back and forth to in-person school with the exception of tubas, cellos, and basses. We do now have permission from transportation for students to bring large instruments on the buses. Additional at-school instruments will not be provided unless there is an exceptional case. If you have a band student with an instrument transportation concern, please email Ms. Stout directly at stoutl@aaps.k12.mi.us.

Scheduling (affects only 6th graders AND 7th/8th graders in two music classes that happen at the same time)


  • 6th grade music/PE classes will be split blocks during hybrid instruction
    • Fully virtual students will also split blocks
    • The afternoon virtual 30 minute check in will not be split and will follow the original A/B block schedule
    • Students will attend the class they normally go to during 3rd or 6th hour first
      • Example: Go to 3A first on Monday, then switch to 3B after 30 minutes
  • 7th/8th grade music alternators will split blocks between their two music classes 
    • Example: A student taking band and orchestra in 8th grade would go to orchestra first on Monday, then go to band after 30 minutes. On Thursday, go to band first then switch to orchestra after 30 minutes
    • Virtual and full-time music students will follow their normal schedule
  • Split blocks will allow every hybrid student to see all of their teachers face-to-face
  • Students will have 5 minute passing time to get from their first class to second class during their music block
  • Music & PE teachers will help escort 6th graders from the first floor to their second floor electives during the first week of hybrid instruction. 

6th Grade A/B Schedule

7th Grade alternating A/B schedule (ONLY AFFECTS band & choir students who are in two concert ensembles i.e. band/choir)

8th Grade alternating A/B schedule (ONLY AFFECTS students who are in two concert ensembles i.e. band/orchestra, band/choir, orchestra/choir)

This is our most current plan, which is subject to change. Please look out for updates in the coming weeks as we work through the details of safely setting up our music classrooms the best we can under the circumstances. Though it will still be very different than what in-person music has looked like in the past, we are looking forward to making music together again!

Ms. Stout, band

Ms. Knowles, orchestra

Mrs. Kidd, choir

Mr. Beery, band

Mr. Hasspacher, orchestra

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